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Are you ready for this? 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'
—A.J. telling Joey his favourite book

Arthur 'A.J.' Moller, Jr. is a recurring character on Season 3 of Dawson's Creek. He is portrayed by Robin Dunne.


A.J. is a sophomore college student at Harvard University, very interested in literature and mathematics, and speaks Latin and French fluently. A.J. first meets Joey when she happens upon his dorm, in search for her supposed 'female' dorm mate for her visit at Harvard University. Likewise, A.J. was expecting his tenant for the weekend to be "Potter, Joseph."

"I guess our gender ambiguous names have fostered a precarious situation"

Following this encounter, where he condescends Joey, he also abruptly tosses her form his dorm in favour of writing silence. Later, he puts further distance between them by eviscerating Joey's favourite book in a "discussion session" in English Lit. 101.

Joey gives out about his behaviour, and A.J. apologises, promising to show her the real college experience. When Joey leaves at the end of the weekend, they exchange phone numbers. They begin dating, their first date sighting of the northern lights. When Principal Green is lambasted by the Capeside community, Joey recruits A.J. in her fight against the system, much to Pacey's dismay. He invites Joey to a reading where he is to receive a literary reward for his accomplishments in poetry. Upon arrival Joey meets A.J.'s best friend, Morgan, who is an art student, and just returned from studying at Sorbonne in Paris. She, too, is fluent in French and, as A.J. is busy preparing his speech for the ceremony, Joey spend the day with Morgan, and eventually realises that the two are in love, although they may not be aware of it. She tells A.J. this, asks him to go to Morgan (echoing her own feelings for Pacey) and breaks up with A.J.


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