DawsonWhat did he do that I didn't do???
Joey(in disbelief) he asked her out?!
―Discussing Jen dating Cliff
Dance is the 2nd episode of Season 1 of Dawson's Creek.


A FIRST FOR EVERYTHING -- Dawson (James Van Der Beek) experiences his first bout of jealousy when Jen (Michelle Williams) accepts a date with Cliff the superjock (guest star Scott Foley); after their first kiss, Tamara (Leann Hunley) does her best to elude Pacey (Joshua Jackson) but they once again find themselves in a compromising situation; and Joey (Katie Holmes) makes it clear to Dawson¹s mother (Mary-Margaret Humes) that she knows her secret.


James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery
Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley
Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter
Katie Holmes as Joey Potter
Mary-Margaret Humes as Gale Leery
John Wesley Shipp as Mitch Leery

Guest starring

Nicole Nieth as Nellie Oleson
Scott Foley as Cliff Elliot
Leann Hunley as Tamara Jacobs


Joey, I plan to make it really hard for you not to like me
I'm an artist, torture is a prerequisite
She challenges me the way you do. She could be you; except, she's Jen
—Dawson to Joey
This is so unfair. I'm not good with girls... and I finally meet someone...
—Pacey to Tamara
What have we learned from tonight's 90210 evening?
—Dawson to Joey


  • Pacey makes out with Jen (they share a kissing scene in Sea Creature from the Deep, but Pacey 'elaborates' and Dawson cuts the scene altogether)
  • Jen tells Dawson she's interested
  • Pacey and Tamara share a kiss


dawson talks to mr. gold
flames of truth | SARAH MASEN
jen helps joey clean up
i want you | SAVAGE GARDEN
the dance
happiness | ABRA MOORE
dawson and joey slow dance
ooh aah... just a little bit (cover) | ADAM FIELDS
dawson follows jen into the hall
pretty change | PAUL CHITEN
dawson tells joey that she remind him of jen
dawson tries to get rid of cliff
but you | PAUL CHITEN
gale and mitch
you don't know me (cover) | JANN ARDEN
joey watches as dawson and jen dance


screen shots

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