Emma Jones is a recurring character on Season 6 of Dawson's Creek. She is portrayed by Megan Gray.


Emma is an English musician living in Boston where she studies music. She's also the leader of her own all-girl band, Hell's Bells, and plays the drums. She's a very smart, beautiful and witty person. She's skeptical, not easily fooled and has a sharp tongue. After battling it somewhat, she allows Jack and Pacey to move in with her as she needs new flatmates.

Series arc

When first introduced, Emma is a waitress at the bar Joey begins to work for. She is in the midst of looking for both a new singer for her band as well as roommates to help pay rent. At first, she is keen on having a lesbian couple live with her, but Pacey and Jack convince her to give them a chance. After signing the lease with the boys, Emma is subjected to having a third roommate in the form of Audrey Liddell. At first, she is annoyed with the other girl, but overhears her singing in the shower and invites her to be the frontwoman for her all girl punk band Hells Belles. During their Halloween performance, Audrey trashes the venue and the girls agree to kick her out of the band.

Pacey and Emma have a brief fling after he invites her to a work party where they are meant to bring the most beautiful girl she can find. She discovers the nature of this party when she overhears two other invitees in the bathroom discussing why she was even invited. Pacey convinces her that his interest is genuine and that he thought of her as the most beautiful girl in the room. They continue seeing each other as more than roommates when they begin to have lunch dates at a local aquarium.

When Audrey returns from L.A., she apologizes to Emma and the band for her behaviour. They give her another chance, but Audrey's nerves get the best of her. Fuelled by alcohol and MDMA, Audrey ruins another performance leaving Emma to fire her once again. In Emma's final appearance, she comes back to the apartment with a new fiancé, Gus. Surprised by this sudden relationship, Jack confronts her and discovers that she is being deported and is trying to enter a green card marriage. He offers to marry her instead, but she refuses. Ultimately, she chooses to leave the country rather than go through with a marriage to Gus.

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