Everyone always wants to define gay and straight by who you sleep with. lt's not about that
—Ethan to Jack[src]
Ethan Brody is a recurring character on Season 3 of WB teen drama Dawson's Creek. He is portrayed by Adam Kaufman.


Ethan goes to college in Boston and is a sweet, relaxed and bright guy. He spends some time getting to know Jack while in Capeside. Jack and Ethan develop a romantic interest in each other, but Ethan, who has recently suffered heartbreak, is extra hesitant about starting something with Jack, because of Jack's inexperience.

Series arc

Ethan and Jack meets on the train from Boston to Capeside, following Joey, Jack, Dawson and Andie's college scouting weekend in Boston. Ethan is returning to Capeside after a tough break-up with his boyfriend, Brad[1].

Later, Jack bumps into Ethan in Capeside and ends up going to meet Ethan at Capefest with Jen, where they talk and get to know each other[2]. Ethan also visits Jack one weekend, that becomes pivotal for Jack's relationship with his father, which Ethan helps Jack deal with while he's visiting[3].

Jack quickly lets Ethan know that he's interested in more than friendship, but Ethan wants Jack to show that he's ready for a real relationship.


  • Ethan's parents live in Capeside and he indicates that he was raised there.[1]


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