Gone is the 6th episode of WB teen drama Young Americans.


Bella composes a letter to her real father and hides it in her jacket pocket. She gets distracted with a customer and Grace takes off wearing her jacket. She returns at 6 am the following morning--without the jacket. She left it in Ryder's dorm room. Back at the dorms, Will sits in for a few hands of poker, costing him his laptop computer. Scout, Hamilton and Jake offer to loan him $500 to get it back, but Will wants to handle the situation on his own. Will and Scout believe Jake and Hamilton are gay, while the couple thinks no one has a clue about their relationship.

Meanwhile, Finn gives Will an application for the Warren's Stipend. He must send an essay by 5 pm, but the disk is inside the laptop. Bella and Will sneak into Ryder's dorm room to obtain their things, but they hear him coming down the hallway. They hide in his closet and overhear Ryder speaking on the phone with the person he owes $3,000, an old friend of Will's from childhood. Ryder takes the jacket and laptop to pawn them for cash. Scout catches Bella and Will sneaking out and makes them explain what is going on.

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