I've searched in vain for friends like that, my whole life
—Helen Lindley to her daughter Jen[src]
Helen Lindley (née Ryan) is a recurring character on Dawson's Creek. She is the mother of Jen and Eve, and is portrayed by Mel Harris and Mimi Rogers.


Jen's mother is a socialite in New York. Jen describes her as cold and detached and unwilling to face the reprehensible conduct of Jen's father.

She informs Jen that she got pregnant very young and had a child, and Jen a half-sister. Jen is distraught by this news and the impact it has on her self-perception, wishing she had known earlier that her mother did not hate her, but Helen hated herself.

Helen eventually divorces Theodore Lindley and Jen, Jack and Grams move in with her at the end of Jen's sophmore year in college.


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