I can still care about you more than anyone ever has
Jen & Henry is a relationship on Dawson's Creek, portrayed by Michelle Williams and Michael Pitt.


After a tumultuous first year in Capeside, Jen is flustered[1] when in her Junior Year, Freshman Henry Parker develops an overpowering infatuation with her[2]. At first Jen believes it to be just that, and that Henry's feelings are not genuine, but through being himself Jen is shown a person who actually cares about her feelings and who she is[3].

Throughout their relationship, Henry is very honest with Jen and she feels she can trust him, but at the same time she is terrified of risking her heart and opening up to someone for the very first time[4]. Henry time and again proves that he is not going anywhere and they fall in love. When Henry transfers to another college, he breaks up with Jen through Jack[5][6].


Whatever you did before is part of who you are now and I'm grateful for that
For the first time in my life I made myself vulnerable to someone
—Jen to Henry[src]


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  6. Note: This only happens due to actor Michael Pitt not reprising his role, as the Jen and Henry romance was complete and could not have been ruined otherwise.
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