Joshua Jackson is a Canadian-American actor who portrayed Pacey Witter on WB teen drama Dawson's Creek. Jackson is also known for portraying Peter Bishop in the FOX science fiction series Fringe.[1] He currently stars on Showtime series The Affair.[2]


Jackson first became known for portraying Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks[3], which is also referrenced in a metacomment on Dawson's Creek.[4] During Dawson's Creek, Jackson starred in Cruel Intentions[5] and The Skulls[6]. Following the conclusion of Dawson's Creek, Jackson worked on various projects and later went on to star on FOX sci-fi drama Fringe from 2008-2013[7]. In 2014 Jackson began starring as Cole Lockhart on The Affair.[8]


Pacey Con
– Jackson provided fans with a return of Pacey in a 2010 Funny or Die skit

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