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Mike Potter is a recurring character on Dawson's Creek. He is portrayed by Gareth Williams.


Mike Potter is the wayward father of Bessie and Joey Potter. Before the beginning of the series, Mike Potter cheated on his wife and dealt drugs, for which he was imprisoned.


In Season 1 Mike is in jail for dealing drugs. Towards the end of the season Mike is released from jail. He works with Bessie and Joey to open the Potter Bed and Breakfast. During construction Dawsons asks Mike to be the center of his documentry for school. While Dawson is working on the film he sees Mike dealing drugs again. He goes to Joey with this information. Reluctantly Joey goes to the police with Dawson. By wearing a wire she gets her dad to confess to dealing drugs. He is eventually returned to jail for dealing drugs again.

Not much is heard about Mike Potter until the end of the fifth season. Joey wants to visit her dad after being mugged by a drug dealer. She goes to the jail to talk with him and finds that he has been released and chose not to tell anyone. Upset Joey begs the guard for information and is told he works at a store in a nearby town. Joey is later seen walking into the store she was told her dad works at with the Worthington Literature Review she is featured in.

The Last time we see Mike Potter is in the sixth season. When Joey returns to Capeside for Christmas she brings Eddie with her. Mike does not like Eddie because he believes Eddie is not good enough for his daughter. He believes this because Eddie is now unemployed and does not go to school.


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