I will not be usurped by some... Hollywood slickster!
—Oliver meeting Dawson[src]
Oliver Chirchick is a recurring character on Season 5 of WB teen drama Dawson's Creek. He is portrayed by Jordan Bridges.


Oliver is an aspiring filmmaker from New Hampshire, who attends a Visual Arts College in Boston. He is kind of socially awkward, prone to no-filter outbursts[1], often saying what comes to mind without considering it first. He's considered eccentric by the Hooksett Film Festival staffers, but some people find him a bit abrasive, such as when he introduces Dawson to the campus by loudly badmouthing various students.

Series arc

Oliver is introduced as someone known for his film work in his hometown, at first threatened by Dawson's accomplishment, but ultimately calming down and recognising that Dawson is a good guy. Oliver introduces Dawson to the Visual Arts College he attends – and a script he wants Dawson to direct. After Dawson agrees, Oliver tells him that he wants to portray the lead.

Notes and references

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