Promicide is the 20th episode of Season 4 of Dawson's Creek.


Jen is reeling from her recent confrontation with her father and gets drunk at Prom. Jack asks Tobey to Prom but has a hard time being around him once there. Pacey feels out of place at the Prom and lets out his frustrations with his life by breaking up with Joey.


James Van Der Beek as Dawson Leery
Katie Holmes as Joey Potter
Michelle Williams as Jen Lindley
Joshua Jackson as Pacey Witter
Kerr Smith as Jack McPhee
Mary-Margaret Humes as Gale Leery
John Wesley Shipp as Mitch Leery
Nina Repeta as Bessie Potter

Special Guest Stars

Sasha Alexander as Gretchen Witter
Mark Matkevich as Drue Valentine
David Monahan as Tobey Barrett


  • Pacey breaks up with Joey — publicly


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