The Beginning is the premiere of WB teen drama Young Americans.


WILL KRUDSKI (introduced in "Dawson's Creek") from small town New Rawley, receives an opportunity to attend the prestigious Rawley Academy for summer.

Meanwhile, SCOUT CALHOUN, following his father's footsteps by attending Rawley Academy, stops at the local gas station and encounters the owner's daughter BELLA. Will's parents drop their son off at campus, his father eager to see him go. Will and Scout discover they have been assigned as roommates. Enter HAMILTON. He's the son of Rawley's dean of students, and while the three get acquainted, girls from a neighboring all-girl's school run across campus in their underwear for the annual freshman panty raid. The boys join in, but suffer their own humiliation when the seniors capture and leave them to walk home in their boxer shorts. They pass by the gas station where Scout and Bella are formally introduced. It's a love connection. Will reveals he cheated on Rawley's entrance exam to get in. Scout promises to keep it a secret, but Will regrets telling him.

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