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It's an homage with a heavy allegorical slant
—Dawson, on the film[src]

The Sea Creature From The Deep is a horror short-film on Dawson's Creek.


Something in the water is attacking locals in a sleepy coastal small town. After a personal encounter, Stephanie worries for her safety and confides in her boyfriend Steven, who turns out to be monster, and kills her when she finds out. Stephanie's cousin, Penelope, comes to town to find her missing cousin and befriends Steven.


Jen Lindley as Penelope
Pacey Witter as Steven
Joey Potter as Stephanie


Dawson starts filming with his friends Joey (who also serves as producer) and Pacey in the lead roles, during the summer before their sophomore year in high school. On the last day of summer, newcomer Jen Lindley arrives in town, Dawson's new next-door neighbour. She befriends the group and helps out with the film. When Joey refuses to kiss Pacey, Dawson rewrites the script so that Pacey kills Joey, and Jen is cast as the female lead instead, with Joey's character's early death intending to subvert audience expectations.[1]

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